What is Financial Wellness?

Financial Wellness goes beyond financial literacy.  Financial wellness is having a comprehensive understanding of how money affects you and the understanding of the effect money has on different factors of your life. The financially well person is aware of their personal financial status. They save, budget and manage their finances to achieve their goals. They understand how factors can influence behaviors and attitudes that align with their goals and financial behaviors.

Key factors to help you with your financial wellness:

  • Stay on track with you budget
  • Work through budgeting crisis
  • Stayed organized with your finances
  • Be willing to change your behavior and improve your financial habits
  • Seek out one of our financial aid counselors to help get you on track
  • Seek out financial aid counseling if you are feeling stressed about your finances

The Financial Aid Office highly recommends that you take advantage of this site, use its resources and tools to help you with your financial literacy and  your financial wellness goals.

Have fun and test your financial wellness here: http://www.financialsoccer.com/ 

Western University Financial Aid Office has developed Financing A Healthy Future, a literacy program that can be used in all phases of your student, work and personal life. Our goal is to help our students make better-informed financial decisions and give you the tools needed to help with financial planning, counseling and budgeting. This site will also help give you the financial awareness to prepare you for financial success and a healthier financial future. Please explore all of the areas of this site and visit often for new and additional information.

The “What’s New” section of this web site will keep you up-dated and informed of all the latest news items, including new articles, cool facts and figures, new web sites and What’s New and relevant to what is happening in financial aid and the student loan industry. Please visit this section frequently for the latest information.

Resources and LinksRESOURCES & LINKS

A comprehensive list of popular web resources that include: Financial literacy, budgeting, credit, taxes, insurance, investing, debt management, financial planning, retirement, mortgages, loan calculators, repayment schedules and information on different repayment programs, saving, consumer debt and school loan debt.


AIE provides financial literacy tips and resources to help you minimize debt and get started on a road to prosperity.


The Glossary contains some of the most frequently used acronyms in the student loan industry.

Federal Student Aid
The Federal Student Aid site is brought to you by the Department of Education and covers everything from preparing for college to repayment options to the latest news concerning student loans.


The Student Loan Report is a site that covers student loan news –  nationally, regionally and internationally, informative and current articles as well as resources on student loans.